outpost: rise of the spetsnaz

Black Camel Pictures began production on Outpost: Rise Of The Spetsnaz in 2012. Having produced the previous two films, Kieran Parker makes his debut as Director.The script was written by Rae Brunton and Kieran Parker.

The third instalment in the popular Nazi zombie saga acts a prequel, going to the origins of the Outpost universe. It’s the closing stages of WWII, and Sergeant Dolokhov (Bryan Larkin), a member of Russia’s elite special forces, is leading his men in an ambush on a secret German convoy. Unearthing some ghastly intelligence, their victory is only short lived and they are taken prisoner.

Taken to an underground bunker, Dolokhov and his men must use all their strength and skill against the Nazis, where the most horrifying experiments are under way. Frenetic action, gory horror, and a sardonic touch make this a welcome sequel.

Content handles all sales, and the film recently saw it’s world premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

You can watch the trailer here.