In 2007 Black Camel Pictures produced it first feature, the action/thriller Outpost, written by Rae Brunton, with director Steve Barker making his feature debut and has a multi-national cast that includes Ray Stevenson (The Punisher: War Zone, HBO’s Rome), Julian Wadham (The Madness of King George), and Richard Brake (Batman Begins, Hannibal Rising).


The making of Outpost Outpost Trailer


Outpost follows a crack team of battle-hardened mercenaries on a routine mission to protect a mysterious businessman through the no-man’s land of war-torn Eastern Europe. However, after he leads them to a long forgotten, underground outpost, they unwittingly reawaken a lurking terror that soon changes their mission from one of safe-guarding, to one of survival, as they desperately battle an enemy even they’ve never faced before.